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Welcome to KEN LAMBERT SINGS! From here you can download songs, order CD's, see where he's playing, donate to his ministry or contact him. We hope you enjoy the ride. And hey, thanks for stopping's probably been a long time since he's heard from you...OLD FRIEND!

              Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
 10/06/2013 10:00am
  Crossway Community Church
 10/07/2013  7:00 PM
  Foley Jail Service
 10/21/2013  7:00 PM
  Foley Jail Service
 10/28/2013  7:00 PM
  Foley Jail Service
 7:00 PM   Foley Jail Service

 Ken is well known for his talents as a singer/songwriter with a somewhat folksy and country flare. He can move an audience to smiles or tears with his smooth voice and heart felt style. His original songs make him a storyteller beyond compare...

Ken has been an entertainer/songwriter since the 1960's. He was the first entertainer at the infamous Flora-Bama Lounge on the Gulf of Mexico in 1978. He played there for over 25 years and still does play occasional gigs there. He spent several years in Nashville and has cuts by the group "Alabama" and Mel Tillis. He still lives in Magnolia Springs, AL with his wife  of 30 years, Cindy.

Ken is also well known for his flamboyant style back in the day. However, he had a huge heart change back in 2000, when he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. He's broadened his horizons now and travels around the country ministering and singing in prisons, community events and churches. He serves in a non-profit charity that he and his wife formed in 2005, Son Shine Ministries, Inc.
They devote their days to helping hurting people, mainly those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Ken was delivered from alcoholism in 1998.  Ken used to take his talents for granted and wrote songs that glorified the world. However, now his songs are more focused on glorifying God and the peace that He gives. 

  You will now find all of his songs family friendly and worth sitting quietly and listening to. Some are old...and some are new. You might just find yourself being moved to tears in a different way now; your spirit just might catch fire, and when the wind out...who knows what will happen!

After 40 years in the wilderness, Ken made a life changing decision...and that was to make Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. Many things have happened since that fateful day back in the summer of 2000. After writing songs and singing for the world, Ken started devoting his talents to a new song...the testimony of what God has done in his life.

In 2005 Ken and his wife Cindy devoted their lives to full time ministry. It was at that time that they formed their non-profit charity called Son Shine Ministries, Inc. It is devoted to helping hurting people get back on their feet. Through counseling, Bible studies and prison ministry, they help to bring hope to the hurting through sharing the power and love of Jesus and what He can do in their lives.

Through many tragedies in their own life, God has given them much insight into  the hearts of broken people. For many years they both abused drugs and alcohol. Ken was an alcoholic for 40 years. When their marriage was about to end, Ken promised God and Cindy that he would get whatever help he needed to change. That is when he was delivered by the one step program, the deliverance of God. He made the choice on March 12, 1998 to quit drinking. It was a miracle, since he was drinking at least a quart of whiskey a day. He did not suffer one second of withdrawal or cravings, and has not even tasted it again up to this very day. Below is a sample of his testimony. Play it and see for yourself what God can do...

Also, if you would like to contribute to their ministry, there is a DONATE button below where you can make a secure contribution to Son Shine Ministries through PayPal. All donations are tax deductible. Share and be a part of bringing hope to the hopeless in a very broken world...
 Your giving means so much to many people.
God bless you all!

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